Got a DJ set you want to share with the world?  Maybe a picture?  Even a zip file?  You can now host those files and share them with the world, or make it easier for Rev. Voodoo to post your files here on the Voodoo Empire site.  When you log on to  visit, one of the tabs at the top (under the Services tab) is now labelled ‘Uploads’.  All you do is head there and the uploading forms and instructions on how to use it are all right there.  This kind of eliminates the need for the Voodoo Community, but we want to be your one stop place!  The only requirement for using this service is that you join the site.  If you aren’t signed in, the page will just have a description, but once you register and sign in, the service is good to go!  You don’t need to sign up no more!  Now lets hear those mixes!