That’s right, how cool is that!  We had some technological inspiration here at The Voodoo Empire!  Now you can sign on here with many different services!  We support Twitter, Facebook, Flickr, OpenID and more!  It was never a problem to sign up here before, but we’ve made it even easier!  Give it a try!  We’ve also implemented an awesome new commenting system to speed things up here even more.  And we even instituted a sweet caching system.  It’s the best of both worlds….you get to see all our new content right away, but the site is much faster.  Especially for repeat visits.  Your second time at the empire will be lightining quick!  Give it a try, visit us often!  And as always, we are open to people who want to contribute.  You can upload your music for us to post…..or if you got something to say, just let us know.  We’ll promote your account and you can write your own articles on The Voodoo Empire!