My wife hooked me up this Christmas! She got me a new Sigma Sports Rox 5.0 cycling computer! I’ve used my phone with GPS tracking all summer long and it works perfectly well for what it does. I get stats, I get maps, etc. But some downfalls showed up as I got more into cycling. One thing it really lacked was the ability to track cadence. My road cycling friends know the importance of this measurement. Gotta make sure I’m being efficient with my riding! A nice to have feature would be heart rate monitoring, I could get a unit that hooks to my phone, but then I’d need to run another app. I already run one for tracking and one for music, running a third is a pain! And the big one, I got myself an indoor trainer this year, the GPS unit is completely useless for any sort of measuring there. I have no clue what stats I’m running and progress is hard without having actual numbers!

So now I have my shiny new computer that I’m going to get hooked up asap. It’s completely wireless, which I love. My bike is dead sexy, no reason to have wires all over it! The computer tracks everything I need it to! Speed, time, cadence, and heart rate. I’m good to go. Time to start working on improvements to be ready for the street! Here’s a pic of the beast in the living room. She’s about to get an upgrade!