Check this out! As a gift for completing my KoS challenge, Mrs. Yeo and her parents got together and helped me to purchase new riding attire. This is the Darkside Sufferfest riding kit and it’s rather exclusive. Only one person in any city is allowed to own it. And I am the Toledo owner. It’s pretty badass looking if I do say so myself. At least in pictures, I don’t physically have it yet as it’s on backorder. But soon I will be flying through the streets of Toledo, Maumee, Napoleon, Montclova, Defiance, and even Texas and Florida, Ohio (don’t blink, you’ll miss them) in this fancy new gear. I have my first organizaed ride of the year coming up this weekend and I was hoping to wear this. Doesn’t look like I’ll get that chance, but that’s cool, I’m trying to do at least one organized ride a month this year.