I’ve been hard at work on the Voodoo Forums today. Several new things have been implemented.

  • The easiest was adding a colour mod so I can change text colour for Categories. I just thought that would help distiguish main category headings a little.
  • Next up was the PM mod. I didn’t like how all PMs were listed together on one page, looking just like a thread. So all incoming PMs joined together to look like one conversation, no matter how many people had sent them. Now you’re PMs will come up as a list and you can click each one individually. Also added was the ability to have a pop-up when you get a new PM. This defaults as OFF but can be changed in your profile settings.
  • Attachment upload sizes have been modified as some folks wanted to upload samples to share for music creation. I have not decided on a final size yet and am open to input.
  • And finally, I’ve added a user photo gallery. Now instead of just including photos in your posts, you can keep a photo gallery on the Voodoo Forums with lots of photos.

Hope the Voodoo Forums users enjoy! If you are not a member, head over and join! Link is in The Reverend’s Link section on the left.