Just as I thought, I got my Pebble watch today! I’m working through some issues that are entirely on my end and should be fixed soon. Here are my first impressions!

I received the box in the mail, it was a nice, long, slender box – it told me exactly what it was. The box was clearly printed on the outside introducing me to my pebble. The box was manufactured with a nice zip strip on the side which was clearly labeled. I pulled the zip, I was in business!

As soon as I opened the box, I was nothing but excited! It was minimal and simplistic! As a WordPress fanatic I am a huge fan of simplicity – decisions, not options. The packaging didn’t include anything extra!! I just had a watch, a charging cord, and a link! The link told me exactly how to get started.

The watch, let me tell you about the watch. I’m already in love. I haven’t worn a watch in years – that has already changed! I will wear this watch quite happily until the end of time. It looks quality. It looks great! I’m so happy I went with black, it just looks classy! Everything looks, and feels, quality. The watch is very nice. The buttons feel very nice, and they are intuitive. On the left side is a single ‘back’ button. On the right is an ‘up’, ‘down’, and ‘select’ button. I didn’t need to read anything, it all just made sense!

Just below the back button is the charging hookup. This was so insanely well done. The charging blows my mind… you mac fans might be familiar with this – it’s new to me. There are 2 contacts on the watch that line up with the charger. These contacts are magnetic – they just click and connect. There is a curved tab on the charger that fits into a slot in the watch preventing you from hooking up the charger wrong.

Overall, my first impressions are that this watch is very well designed! It looks good, and it’s easy and obvious how to make it work! I’m already in love with it! I’ll have  post soon about how everything actually works. I would have tht now, exceot I can’t actually make it work right. I have an old Epic 4G phone running CM10.1 – which has known Bluetooth issues. I’m able to pair my phone, but it only connects occasionally. That is an issue on my end. I’m about to switch to Verizon and upgrade my phone in a week, at that time I can post my experience with the watch.

UPDATE: I’ve reviewed my Pebble here, and even found some cool upgrades! I hope to keep experimenting and posting about what I find!