I made a little change to the site the other day based on some issues we had. I used to have a nice sexy looking music player. But it had some issues. It relied on flash, and as such it didn’t work for a lot of people. If you were on a mac, or mobile, or just didn’t want to install flash, you were out of luck! Well, I posted a mix for Tyler the other day and he couldn’t see it. I had forgotten about the configuration of my audio player. I have updated it now, it’s simple. No fancy controls or anything to FF, RW, change vulume, etc. But the plus side is that it is HTML5. It ain’t perfect, but it works on a lot more setups.

Rumour has it that the next version of WordPress will have an integrated player for me to embed in posts. I’m expecting a pretty good solution with that so hopefully we will have full compatibility for everyone.

As always, I am happy to host mixes for anyone who would like me to! A lot of folks like soundcloud, and that is a cool tool. But mixes I upload tend to get out to a good deal of people because I have a good integration. Mixes here go out by email, by RSS, they go right up on iTunes, etc. I usually get over 100 downloads the first month I post a mix. And some tunes like Odawa’s Crankshaft mix can get up into several thousand. I can embed Soundcloud mixes directly, and I do, but those don’t get the same distribution because with Soundcloud, it’s just an embed – the music doesn’t go to iTunes and other podcatchers.