I’m pretty excited to get this mix up on The Voodoo Empire airwaves.  This has been the theme music for my drive home from work for weeks.  Not only that but it was the theme music to Friday night on the Brocation!  We all got quite mad at Pete Tong for talking over this mix and yelled at him quite a bit…… which wouldn’t have been nearly as funny if we hadn’t noticed the guy at the next campground had a truck that said “Tong Lawn Service” on the side of it.  I sure hope his first name wasn’t Pete…… or he spent the night pretty scared.  Anyway, enough talk…let’s get into it.  This is the Pendulum Essential Mix from July 17, 2010.  Pretty brand new, and pretty damn good!  I recommend getting this mix right into a set of good speakers and climbing right inside them!