Here’s an interesting new mix.  I’ve been looking around the web for some fresh new music.  This time instead of going with the tried and true DJs we all know and love, I wanted to go a little less well known.  It’s nice to try to get some lesser known DJs out there.  Now I’ll admit, I haven’t listened to this mix yet.  About half the mixes that go up here go up blindly.  Sometimes that works, sometimes I get garbage.  The description for this set intrigued me a bit.  It’s supposed to be a liquid/jump up drum and bass with electro house mashup mix.  It got some good reviews, so lets dive into this one together and see what we get!  Tracklist follows.

1 – Cutline – Die For You
2 – Agent X Ft Mutya Ultra – Fallin
3 – Nero – Electron
4 – Tantrum Desire – Put Your Hands Up
5 – Recepter – Ass
6 – Far Too Loud – We Want To Dance
7 – Black Sushi – Raw Rock
8 – Jiro Vega – Aqua
9 – Karasho – Fucking Hands Up
10- Gerra G – Lottus
11- Phatso Brown – Darramous
12- Shockone Ft Reija Lee – Polygon
13- Cyantific Logistics Ft Natalie Williams
– Brighter Day
14- Camo Krooked – Without You
15- Delta Heavy – Take The Stairs