I had originally read about this artist in Mixmag. Didn’t seem like someone I would be interested in. But luckily, I was wrong! I got the Mixmag cd they recently sent out which featured her. Ankhjii and I have really enjoyed driving around to that disc, so I figured I’d find some more. I’m going out on a limb here. I have not listened to this mix yet, I just thought ya’ll might want a new mix. Tracklist follows.

01. Intro
02. Aaron Und Pascal – Hidden Place
03. Alex Picone – An Pesant [Bass Culture]
04. Patrick Di Stefano – Underlight [Debox]
05. Lula Circus – Pumpin Groovin Moovin (Pezzner Remix) [Stranjjur]
06. Maya Jane Coles – Untitled
07. Delano Smith – Lost In Detroit [Apparel]
08. Eats Everything – Entrance Song [Pets]
09. DJ T. Feat. Cari Golden – City Life (Maya Jane Coles Remix) [Get Physical]
10. 102nd Century – Matjes [Overdrive]
11. Maya Jane Coles – Untitled
12. Elchinsoul – Pe Roz [Microtech]
13. Maya Jane Coles – Untitled
14. Alex Magno – Clowns [Etichetta Nera]
15. Diminutos – Obligo Al Entusiasmo (Alejandro Mosso Remix) [Airdrop]
16. Standard Fair – Forget Someone [Joyfull Family]
17. Kemko – Juice [Angel Laboratory]
18. Matthias Meyer – Crystal Rain [Cecille]
19. Gorge – Watching Spring (Bioground’s Freckled Mix) [Amused]
20. Sebo K – State Of Desire [Highgrade]
21. Little Dragon – Ritual Union (Maya Jane Coles Remix) [Peacefrog]
22. Nikola Gala – The Beginning [Rekids]
23. Junior Gee – Just Listen [Love Hertz]
24. Jemini Blacque & Fiorian Wilde – Get Together (Eko Dub) [Deepness]
25. J. Phlip – Fever [Pets]
26. Stefano Esposito – Acid Groove [Four Fingers Hand]
27. Tom Ellis & Lizzy B – Accidental Daydream [Eye4eye]
28. Agaric – Who Made Up The Rules (Josh Wink Remix) [Ovum]
29. Rob Small – Bad Wednesday (Mute – Remix) [Piston]
30. N/A.3 – Tuesday Biz [N/A.3]
31. Maya Jane Coles – Untitled
32. Tricky – Time To Dance (Maya Jane Coles Remix) [Domino]