Alright road bike peeps. You’ve seen my old bike, it had a sweet, giant, plushy, old man seat on it. That seat was great for comfort but terrible for distance. The padding was awesome, my ass never hurt. But over distance it had a tonne of other problems. So I have my amazing new bike now, it comes with a Body Geometry Romin Comp Gel, hollow Cr-Mo rails, 143mm seat. I’ve got 150 miles on it now and I am nowhere near used to that seat! I’m to the point where I can barely ride it!

So, how long does it take you all to get used to a racing type seat? I mean, this ain’t no straight composite, unpadded tri seat. There is a layer of gel, albeit quite thin. I’m just wondering how long I should expect it to take and when it becomes unusual or time to look for another seat?