I think I have all of the details I’m going to be able to iron out now. We recently ran a whole series of posts on how to support Ankhjii as she gets ready for The Natural Universe 2013 in Chicago. I’d love it if you check out the series, I have an index of the posts here. But when we posted about what is taking place in Chicago back on this post, I didn’t have all the details. Here is what I know now:

Pre-judging is at 10am and costs $25

Main show is at 4pm and costs $35 for General Admission or $55 for VIP (VIP is in the front rows)

VIP all day pass is $75

Backstage pass is $10

These are the conservative times and prices, there is some variance in the info I found, so I posted the earliest show times, and the most expensive prices. Please remember, it’s cash only at the door!

I personally will be doing the whole VIP, all day, backstage pass thing. This is just in case Ankhjii needs me to be anywhere or do anything for her.

We don’t know how long this will run. For Ankhjii personally it all depends on the results. She will be doing pre-judging in the morning. If she qualifies beyond that, we will be going to the finals. If she wins the overall at finals, she is then given the opportunity to register as a pro and take the stage again to compete at the pro level. There are many categories and classes, so this could be a lengthy affair.

Please remember that Ankhjii will not be reachable at all for a good deal of Friday and pretty much all of Saturday. If you need anything from us feel free to contact me! We sure hope you can join us out there!

Finally, I do not believe that cameras are really allowed. I’m trying to get clarification on that. UPDATE from the website: CAMERAS: No Video or Professional camera equipment
permitted in the auditorium. ONLY POCKET CAMERAS ARE ALLOWED!! A DVD may be
purchased through the ABA/INBA.

Hit me up in the comments if you need any more info!!