I just recently found out that the Natural Olympia event will be livestreamed over the interwebz! It’s like magic, with computers! You are able to tune in if you so desire to watch Ankhjii at the Olympia. Here is the link for that. You do have to sign up for an account to get access, might as well do that now! You can use your Facebook or register old school email style.

Here is what I know so far as far as times go – remember, this is on the west coast. I’ll put Pacific and Eastern times here – but the clocks change next weekend and I have no idea if that affects anything?

First up – Friday, November 8th at 3pm (6pm in Ohio) there is a press conference for the pro competitiors. Ankhjii will be representing the USA during this event, so it might be cool to tune in – we don’t know exactly what this entails, but she will be there!

Both of Ankhjii’s competitions are scheduled as of now to be on Saturday, November 9th

Unfortunately, we do not have a detailed schedule right now. We just know prejudging starts at 10am (1pm in Ohio) and finals start at 6pm (9pm in Ohio) on Saturday.

It looks like the order might go:

  • Kids Fitness
  • Ms. Fitness
  • Men’s Fitness
  • Mixed Pairs
  • Physically Challenged
  • Sports Model Men
  • Sports Model Women
  • Ms. Physique Open
  • Ms. Figure Classic
  • Bikini Divas
  • Ms. Figure Open
  • Ms. Figure Professional
  • Professional Men

If so, she will compete twice back to back – I’ve highlighted her divisions in the list. As you can see, it will be a long day with many competitors. I’ll try to use Facebook to keep folks up to date about the lineup and when things are happening. We hope you’ll be able to tune in and see the goings on live as they happen!