This past Saturday marked the three week point for Ankhjii’s competition. That’s right, less than 3 weeks until she takes the stage at her very first competition. Will you be joining us there?

I know I’m ready… I have my sweet Team YEO shirt that I wear every weekend while out running errands. I’ll definitely be wearing that to the theatre. I want to take a moment and thank everyone who has helped out in any way. Many of you all have donated since our first post about the 8th Annual Toledo Glass Scepter Figure Competition. That is so appreciated, you’ve all helped cover many of the costs of this event. Several of you have even gone ahead and bought the shirt – that is so cool. Our friend Nick made the design, and I put it on a shirt. We didn’t imagine that our friends would be buying these shirts up, that is incredibly cool. Many of you have provided words of support in person, on Facebook, etc. I ask that you keep that up. We are in the home stretch and this can be a challenging time, mentally, physically, etc.

Ankhjii doesn’t get to have a lot of social time between work and all the time that prepping for the competition works. Her days are long and gruelling. She is working out for hours a day, tracking food, tracking supplements, etc. She has to stay on top of all the arrangements for various things that need to happen on the day of the competition. On top of all that she has her job which requires a good deal of manual labour. This stuff all adds up, and the closer she gets to the competition, the more she can use all of our support!

Now, the details for the day of the show. You can check out everything on this entry form, which has all the details. The show will take all day for Ankhjii, and I will be there with her. But we recommend for those of you wanting to come out and show support that you come out for the finals. The event takes place at the Maumee Indoor Theatre which is on the corner of the Anthony Wayne Trail and Conant St. Final judging begins at 5pm sharp. Now there is no way to know how many competitors there will be, and we don’t know what order the judging will happen in. There is bodybuilding, figure, and benchpressing. The figure ladies could be at the beginning, the middle, or the end – safest bet is to be there by 5 if you want to catch her.

Don’t forget, there is an admission fee of $20 to watch the finals judging. I’d hate to have folks show up not knowing it costs money to get in.

If anyone has any questions about anything, feel free to ask me. I’ll help any way that I can! This is all the detail I know about. Let’s all show Ankhjii a tonne of support and help her get through these last 19 days preparing for her first figure competition!