Recently, Amazon had a deal going on. Every now and then they do it, release a bunch of reconditioned Kindle Fires for $139. I”d been kind of interested in getting one to play around with, at that price, I dove right in. I played around with it stock for about an hour. If you are looking for a very basic tablet, or an e-reader, it’s great – but it and you are done. But of course, that’s not what I was after. SO I started cruising around and tried out a few ROMs. I’ve finally settled on gedeROM. In a nutshell, fantastic. It’s been a daily driver for me for a couple of weeks now. I can install any market apps, text over Google Voice, just about anything! Now the kindle doesn’t have GPS, or a camera, but the convenience I get is pretty handy! I was just able to download a software package, ftp it to my server, setup mySQL database, and edit my config file live on the host to set up a web app today, that’s cool!

If you aren’t familiar with flashing the Kindle, it’s dead easy. You can use this utility right here to gain root and install TWRP (recovery). With that business in place, flash like normal! Android 4.0 ICS can be yours!!