Have you been keeping up with this tasty series of productions? I don’t even want to call them mixes, they go way beyond that! This was quite pleasant to stumble across for my morning ride. I intend to listen to all four on one of my longer rides. If you are familiar with JZ you know what to expect from his darker, moodier compilations. If not, might I suggest you start here? In his own words:

Although this is part 4 of a long running mix, as with the other parts this is intended to work both as a part of a bigger picture and also as stand alone piece. This piece see’s a rise in tempos and in places it ventures into darker, gnarlier territories than those that have come before it.


1 Siriusmo ‘Itchy’ (Monkeytown)
2 Plant43 ‘Cogs Are Turning’ (Flux)
3 Staffan Linzatti ‘The Contraption’ (Balans)
4 Bosh, Ellef, Dub Signal ‘Futurism (Original Mix)’ (Naked Lunch)
5 Cloud Boat ‘Amber Road’ (Apollo)
6 Iron Galaxy ‘Why Havent We Left Yet’ (Born Electric)
7 Dusty Kid ‘This Hug’ (Boxersport)
8 I/Y ‘I/Y 002’ (I/Y)
9 Koreless ‘Sun’ (Young Turks)
10 Galaxian ‘Surge’ (Last Known Trajectory)
11 House of Black Lanterns ‘Worthless’ (Houndstooth)