Well, after nearly a month dead, my home server is slowly coming back to life.  We replaced the old workhorse computer with a slightly less old workhorse.  Nothing fancy, just enough to provide media in the gym and a server play area for me.  Rather than running a plain old WAMP install this time.  I decided to virtualize with VirtualBox.  So I’m running Ubuntu guest on a Windows 7 host.  I could probably just run Ubuntu, but I didn’t feel like spending a month learning stuff to get basic media working.  And besides, I needed to learn this stuff.  So now, http://rvoodoo.dontexist.com is back.  Sort of.  It’s just a blank screen, with the words ‘It Works’ on it.  I’m working on getting remote access working on it so I can configure it from anywhere.  Then I can get my FTP and web stuff going again.