You should read this whole post, it’ll be worth it! I used to be an Amazon coffee guy, jumping around to the newest fancy label. Then one day Ankhjii made a chance discovery on Instagram. A coffee company was giving away a mug with a skull on it, we always need that! She won the mug, and we learned the company was local. She picked up her mug, met the amazing people behind the coffee, and the rest is history! The company was Iron Bean Coffee, and we only buy coffee from them now.

We ordered some of their coffee and it was amazing. You pretty much can’t get coffee any more fresh. I’m talking right out of the roaster and into your cup! Back when I started buying, there were fewer choices, but that didn’t matter, I was hooked. They’ve expanded their line considerably and every choice is top-notch! Personally, I bounce back and forth between a 5 pound bag of Fierce and Rage. I like to also throw in the occasional bag of Loki. Those are my go to choices, but you should check out their offerings, they have a bean and roast for everyone!

Seriously, support these guys – they are local and they are amazing!

I promised it’s be worth it to get to the end of the article, here’s the deal. I snagged Ankhjii’s discount code (ssshhh, don’t tell). If you plop ProYeo into the coupon code section, you will be pleasantly surprised, I promise!

Besides, take a look at these two – how could you not want to support them?? Check out their story here too!