A few months ago, I realized that I had way too many WordPress posts on my personal site. So I started VoodooPress for all my WordPress stuff, and that site has been a lot of fun, and a pretty good success. It has inspired me to do some more work around the empire.

When I first started online, I just had rvoodoo.com, this site, my personal blog. It focused on music, and stuff I did. Then as the empire grew, I kept on adding more and more stuff to my site. It’s just gotten to be a big, bloated, disorganized thing. So I think it’s time to lean it down a little.

I’m going to re-work The Voodoo Empire’s web page. Right now, it’s an out of date html web page I made up late one night. It’s nice and all, but it’s not all that useful. So slowly over the next little while, I’m going to kill the html site, and set up a……. wait for it….. WordPress site!! Once I get the site up and running well, I’m going to pull all The Voodoo Empire elements from my personal site: the forums, the shop, and our members page. Those will all go where they should have been in the first place….over on thevoodooempire.com.

After a while I will build a shiny new design for The Voodoo Empire. Hopefully in the process I can kill a lot of unnecessary stuff from rvoodoo.com and get the site less bloated, and running faster. After The Voodoo Empire is all set up, I would love to redesign rvoodoo.com a bit. It could use a fresh facelift. I’ve learned a lot since I coded The Voodoo Empire theme.

Another benefit of branching off the Empire stuff is all my social networking stuff. I have my sites configured to auto-post to Facebook and Twitter, and things got cluttered. Everything was autoposting to my personal social feeds. I branched off VoodooPress for my WordPress stuff, and routed those posts to VoodooPress’ own Twitter and Facebook feeds. I already have a Voodoo Empire fan page, and a Voodoo Empire twitter. I can bring those back to life now for The Voodoo Empire content.

Once this is all done, rvoodoo.com will simply be for my stuff. The music I want to post for everyone, and stuff I want to talk about! Let’s see how this project goes!