I like to tinker with my phone. Everyone knows this, hell… ask my television! With my Epic 4g (old school, I like the keyboards) I had been keeping it pretty well stock. Saw no need to root or anything…. until now! The recent news about ICS running on the Epic 4g had me pretty excited! It finally made me break down and do it all. I rooted, I bricked, I unbricked. So that had me a little nervous to start. But I got through the root process, I added on the clockworkmod as necessary to flash ROMs. I flashed the alpha3 version of CyanogenMod 9. I’m not going to lie here, this is completely awesome. I saw today that the ROM had been upgraded to alpha4, so I dove in again. The flash went smooth like peanut butter! ICS is very cool. Even though this ROM is only in alpha status, it is fantastic. I highly recommend giving it a try… you know, if you don’t mind killing your warranty!