OK. Now it’s a website. lol. It’s functional. Here’s my drunk ass mix put together a bit ago to test my last website. it’s mixed by me with special guest MC, DJ Odawa. I haven’t recorded anything since then so you get this mix again. I’ll put something together real soon for ya’ll. Until then keep yer eyes peeled here. I’ll be puttin up DJ Odawa’s website shortly, sure to contain far more music for your ear holes!  You can click on the mix name (in red) to listen to it in yer media player, or right click to download. And there is even a handy media player at the bottom of this post to listen to it now.  You can listen to the mix right here or download it for later by clicking on your choice below!  The first minute or so is real rough, after that the sound smooths out some.  But all in all the sound is pretty crappy.  This first one was posted for a test.