Back near the end of December or beginning of January, when I was getting ready to post up some new mixes, I mentioned that it might be a fun idea to post up our stats after a month, and see where these mixes are going. So I’ve had mixes from The Empire’s own DJ Odawa and DJ Hydroxide up for about a month. I’ve also had a mix up from our good friend Goodwill! Let’s take a look at the numbers! You guys let me know if you like seeing these, I’m happy to keep posting info. Click through to the full post for all the tasty deets!

Here’s our first mix. DJ Odawa’s Dancing Ovation mix. This mix went up on January 3rd, so not quite a month. It’s got 122 downloads total, with 89 uniques. What’s that mean? Well it doesn’t necessaril mean that we’ve had 23 repeat downloaders. When the mix is actually downloaded it will usually come up as a unique, unless the same person DLs it multiple times, then that is a repeat download. But when it’s played on the actual site using the built in player, that always seems like it’s being downloaded from the same place so it’ll register as a repeat. So most likely, we’ve just had 20 odd folks listen on the site. Odawa’s mix is doing quite well on itunes, with 48 downloads, and the majority of the listeners are in the USA, with 16 folks bringing his sounds to the UK.


Next up we have the UK Garage coming at ya from DJ Hydroxide. This one went up on January 7, so really this is only about 3 weeks in. Hydroxide has 208 downloads with 188 uniques, not too shabby at all! The iTunes folks must love Hydroxide, as he is coming in at 145 downloads through there. No surprise that he’s bringing in the UK crowd, nearly evenly splitting the USA and UK with 58 and 41 downloads respectively.



Finally, let’s see how Goodwill Capricorn mix is stacking up! This mix went up on January 4th, so it’s been nearly a month. Goodwill has brought in 134 downloads with 115 uniques. 78 of his downloads came from iTunes. And we’re looking at a pretty even USA/UK split for Goodwill too, with 38 and 29 downloads.




All in all, not a bad month for downloads! iTunes is a big help it seems in getting the music to the masses! How are we doing overall? Well, This site has been live now for 4 years. We’ve hosted a couple hundred mixes at best guess, and so far we have 77,237 downloads. That ain’t bad at all, but man… that’s chewing up some bandwidth eh! iTunes accounts for about 10% of our overall music distribution, so it’s definitely a valuable asset! What’s our number one mix up on the Empire? Well, that’d have to be DJ Odawa’s Crankshaft mix which went up on March 10, 2011. In 11 months that mix is about to break 4000 downloads.

So waddaya think? Are these kinds of stats posts helpful or interesting to you at all? I like numbers, so I find looking at this stuff to be pretty fun. Let me know your thoughts!