I was sad! Why? Joe and Charisse are moving away from Ann Arbor! Of course that means my bestest friends are moving even further away…. but to top it off, I thought it would be harder to get hold of this amazing coffee! See, Joe introduced me to this stuff a while back. It’s local, it’s crazy fresh, and it’s crazy good! I would pick a bag up while I was in A2. Why, I just got a bag when I was there for the Water Hill neighbourhood music festival. I got the bag on Sunday, and the beans had been roasted on Friday. Now how’s that for fresh? Anyway … the great news for me, and for you, this coffee is so cool it has its own website – roosroast.com! We all know only the coolest people have websites, right? Anyway, you can buy yourself some of this magic coffee and have it shipped right to you! Of course this method is totally acceptable, but if you find yourself in Ann Arbor – I recommend you buy it straight from the source. You can find info on the website!