Just before we left to go to the Arnold Sports Festival, Ankhjii committed in public to forging ahead and taking part in her first competiton. In her own words:

Two months from today, I will be stepping onstage as a Figure Competitor. I will make myself an Athlete.

So, here’s my little plea for support – I’m just kind of posting this on my own. Anything you can do to support Ankhjii over the coming couple of months will be tremendously valuable. The show itself will be at the Maumee Theatre on Saturday, April 27. Here’s a link to the entry form, which has all the information we’ve been able to find so far. The event is called the 8th Annual Toledo Glass Sceptre Bodybuilding Championships.

So, how can you help? Well there are many ways to be honest – maybe even ways I haven’t thought of. First and foremost is just by showing some love and support! Hit Ankhj up on FaceBook or in person, anywhere! Let her know you support her. I personally can’t imaging the nerve it’s going to take to stand on that stage. I have seen the amount of work she puts in consistently to be in shape, that is only going to increase now as she prepares for the competition!

I’m not 100% sure we even know what all Ankhj might need or what might help. Maybe some photography in the near future? It might be good to start assembling some kind of portfolio. You might want to come out to the actual event too? That would be pretty cool. The event happens all day long, and to be honest, I don’t know what all goes on. I know that it all starts early with meetings and drug-testing, then at 11:30am the prelims get going. The part of the show folks might be interested in going to is the finals, that hppens at 5pm. It would be great to get some support out there for the finals!! I know not everyone can afford to go, tickets for the finals portion are $20 a person.

On the topic of cash, I’m going to put a donation button at the end of this post. Just looking at the entry form I linked earlier, you can see where everything starts to add up. The entry fee, the cross-over fee, and the membership she needs alone are $120.00. That gets her in the door and up on stage. But before that we need to obtain a competition appropriate 2 piece swimsuit and heels. There are fees for hiring a tanning person with competition experience. Can’t forget about the fees for a posing coach and any other coaching or consulting that might be required. As you can see, that all adds up! So if you want to sponsor Ankhj on her first competition just click the button below!

I think this will be an amazing life event for Mrs. Yeo. I know she admires the pros that do this for a living, she can begin her journey down that same path. We don’t know where this could lead of course, how can someone know what they will feel until they go through the experience? This has life altering potential, to be certain.

That’s my thoughts as best as I can write them presently! I just wanted to ask for support for my wife. Maybe you have a talent or service that will help, maybe you want to donate, maybe you have an idea we hadn’t thought of. What you definitely have is the ability to show support, leave notes of support on Facebook, leave them on her own website Ankhjii.com, tell her in person, or come out to the show and hoot and holler. Whatever you can do, know that we appreciate it endlessly!


I will continue to post various things over the coming weeks until the competition, and thanks everybody!