Maxwell has been running a campaign to help expand his business, Glass City Pedicabs. This is your opportunity to help his business expand and to feel good while doing it! Pedicabs are very cool, they are a great way to get around downtown or at special event. They are green transportation and supporting local businesses helps support Toledo in general. I bet your friends all know how cool pedicabs are, you would be the envy of all of them if you could proudly tell them you helped Glass City Pedicabs really explode. First you need to donate, then you need to get all of your friends to donate. See that way you were first, you are the very coolest!

You can check out Glass City Pedicabs and see what all the hoopla is about on Facebook, or you can jump straight to their funding page on GoFundMe. They have many levels of donations all coming with a variety of rewards – that is, rewards beyond simply feeling good. You can donate any amount, and that will definitely make you feel good. Here’s the writeup from the funding page:

Glass City Pedicabs is a green business that is helping to revitalize the Uptown/Downtown area of Toledo, OH.  Pedicabs are bicycle taxis that I use to transport people around our Downtown area and for special events, such as Art Walks, festivals and weddings; and pedicabs are a great form of mobile advertising that is unique and eye-catching.

I need to purchase 5 new pedicabs to help grow my business. I would be able to expand the advertising, and also provide full time jobs to more people.  With 5 new pedicabs I would be able to set 2 aside to be designed yearly by local artists.

Pedicabs are made by a company in Colorado called Mainstreet Pedicabs…
The Mainstreet Pedicab is the industry standard for Pedicabs. There are others out there that look similar but are not the quality we are looking for.
A brand new Pedicab cost $3,600 plus tax and shipping.
We have set our “GoFundMe”  to allow us to withdraw the money as it comes in, We will only take out the money once we have gained enough for a Pedicab and then lower the “Goal” amount to reflect that.

We have found some people that are selling used Pedicabs around the country, I can buy twice as many used Pedicabs for the same amount.  Again, The money donated will only be taken out to purchase a Pedicab once we have hit the $3,600 mark.

I really love Toledo and really want to be a part of re-energizing the Downtown area.  This is a great way to move people around our Downtown area and give the city special touch.

For the larger donations- The last two donation levels will also include a photo postcard of me with a sign of your logo/picture and a thank you card. I will also make an entertaining video/music video telling the world how awesome you/your company is, complete with ninja robots and viking horses (if that’s what floats your boat!).  I also wasn’t kidding about the tattoo. The advertising possibilities behind are endless and the story is priceless.

The cause is good, the company is great, and Maxwell is awesome – let’s help get this company moving!