I wanted to figure out a way to increase Ankhjii’s web presence just a bit. Her main website is great and contains a tonne of useful information, but I thought it might be a bit too much for someone who is just curious about personal training. So I decided to pick up the domain ToledoPersonalTraining.com. Rather than build a whole new website, I simply made a single page on her existing site and built it up with all the info someone looking for a trainer might need.

The site is a simple one pager on which I made use of some menus and tabs to be able to keep all relevant information front and center. The main information is above the fold, so to speak. Everything seems to be well spaced out and easy to read. I made sure it was mobile friendly too! All of the information is available, there’s a signup form for a newsletter which I hope to start soon, and even a contact form to get started booking sessions immediately!

If you haven’t checked out Toledo Personal Training yet, I’d love it if you would. If you are considering training, make use of that form or contact Angela Yeo using the contact information on the site. For my friends who are into design, I’d love any feedback you might have about the layout. And for my trainer or business friend, I’m open to feedback on the content as well. This is a newer project that we are just starting to drive traffic to, and I’d love for it to be as useful and user friendly as possible!