I think this article says it all! Google+ has just been announced as available for Google Apps users! I can’t give you all the nitty gritty yet, but I wanted to get the word out! Us faithful (and often paying) Google customers have been waiting for some time to get this opened up. Dive on in kids, let me know what you come up with!

And to all my existing Google+ peeps, I am not sure if I can transfer, or if I will be starting over. But Here I come!

UPDATE: I just read the article all the way through! Within a few weeks, you can connect old accounts and new accounts! So go ahead, get started on your new Google Apps Google+  account, and soon enough, you can bring all that old content from your existing non-apps Google+, cool!

NOTE: Your apps admin (which was me) needs to go into the dashboard for the overall account and turn on the Google+ service, mine was off by default.

ANOTHER NOTE: The ‘real name’ requirement still appears to be in place, which ticks me off. I have been Rev. Voodoo for years on that account. For now, I have to go with my real name. Oh well, not a huge deal. But I won’t link up my other accounts until they allow businesses, etc.

And now I’ve tested out latitude… not that I care much, but it allows check-ins. Google +1 buttons don’t show up at work, I’ll test them when I get home! So far everything is looking good!