It’s been so busy around here that we haven’t had time to get proper thank yous to the folks who helped us make The Natural Universe competition such a huge success. As you all know by now, Ankhjii was amazing at the show and brought home the overall win for open Figure! We really couldn’t have done that without you all! Your support makes it possible, but the fact that you are willing to help us so graciously is a huge inspiration to Ankhjii. She wants to win to make you all proud, to show that your support is well placed!

This list isn’t all inclusive, it’s been a bit since the Universe and my notes might not be complete. But I want to try to thank the people I can. If I miss you, I apologize.

We want to thank a group of folks for their financial contributions, without those contributions we never could have afforded to get to Chicago. None of this would be possible! We received some amazing family contributions that were overwhelming to be honest! We also received donations from Carrie, Christina, Stephanie, Ricky, Loni, and even Mary Jane, who was supposed to be Ankhjii’s tanning pro for the Universe. While that didn’t work out in the end, the support is greatly appreciated!

Aside from actual money, Joe and Charisse gave us a place to stay which saved us so much money and made the whole event more fun and convenient. Joe and Charisse also attended the entire event to support Ankhjii. It was a long day, when you attend these events there is a huge amount of down time. Speaking of attending the event, Nina and Ricky stayed for the duration too – in Team YEO shirts to boot. How cool is that? Kellie joined us for the event to take care of Ankhii’s hair and makeup and she also stayed for the duration. The day would have been so much longer without all that extra company, I truly appreciate it!

On site at the show, we got to meet so many fine folks from the INBA/PNBA. I don’t want to single anyone out or miss anybody – so a big, giant thank you to each and every person at The Natural Universe for the welcoming environment, the dedication, and the overall good time!

We have so many other friends who I haven’t mentioned out there. Your words of encouragement, suggestions,and support are so meaningful! It’s time to look forward now as we get ready for the Olympia. This is the biggest event of Ankhjii’s figure career, and it’s the biggest natural event out there. We need you now more than ever!