I have been starting to promote RoadID and then I got an email with a little extra incentive for me. First up… if you do any outdoor activity, especially if you do it alone, you just need one. It’s simple. I ride long distances outdoors a lot, and I’m normally by myself. It’s just a good idea. I don’t always carry my license, and even if I did, emergency workers might not know where to look on me to find it. Pockets can be hard to find on cycling gear.

I had one particular incident last year that freaked me out and I meant to buy my RoadID then. I was heading towards Napoleon on River Rd. and the road was closed for about a 5 mile stretch for construction. I went around the barriers to investigate. I was quite sure the road was passable by bike so I kept on going. Well, I guess a pickup truck had the same idea because he went around the barrier behind me. Then he was following me. He stayed right behind me for a couple of miles… it really struck me as odd to have a pickup truck following me, rather closely, at less than 20mph for miles. It kind of popped into my head, what was he doing? I started getting worried that he had bad intentions. Nobody else was on the road, it was closed. Turned out fine, I guess he was just following me to see if I made it? It never really made sense to me. But it made me think that if something did happen, nobody would know who the hell I was.

So I meant to buy a RoadID then, but I’m really good at procrastinating. I just saw a sale go down for the RoadID though and finally bought mine. So now I’m encouraging you to do the same. It’s just a good idea and they aren’t very expensive. A small price to pay for a little bit of comfort for you and everyone who cares about you!

Disclaimer: The links to RoadID in this post are referral links. I do get a bit of kickback if you use the link. It won’t cost you any more but it helps me out a little. I stand by the product and I have been referring it anyway, so it just made sense to me to post the referral link when it was sent to me.