We haven’t had a new mix from Frankie Bones up in a minute now. But he’s coming proper with a sweet mix from the Factory series. Now I’m not 100% on the quality of the sound here, but that’s my fault. The mix was hosted on Soundcloud, and it had reached its cap. So I used Audacity to grab a stream of it through my soundcard. Well, since then, the cap has been lifted. I don’t have a way to get the original on my server until later, but I really want this mix up for ya’ll now! So I’ll post the one I have now, and I’ll replace it tonight with the souncloud version! Wow, the version I had up here was terrible! I’m quite sorry I ever posted it. I had sound checked it on laptop speakers so I couldn’t notice that it was missing all the bass. Anyway, that’s all fixed, here you go, it’s Frankie Bones, Factory 2012 – turn this Brooklyn business up!!

Just an update, I ripped a quality mp3 version of this mix now from the wav. Unlike the first time, I double checked this one in the car before posting! So the player, and download link below are now the mp3 version. Mp3 is a bit more versatile (especially if you use Google Play like I do). But, if you want the original wav file, here it is!!