[nggallery id=13]Well, it looks like I’m going to be in serious need of some cash soon.  I’ll be selling off a lot of my possessions.  The first sacrifice I’m going to make is my DJ gear.

The first thing I’m looking to offload is the Vestax VCI100, google it, it rocks.  I got it brand new, and it’s used once.  I believe its a refurb unit.  It goes for $400 on ebay.  Its in the original box with all documentation and an unopened disc that includes Traktor 3 le.  (We can easily include a copy of Traktor DJ Studio 3 Full Edition if need be).  I’m trying to get $300 for this item.  You won’t find a price close to that anywhere.

Next up for sale is my full DJ rig.  2 Technics 1210 m3d turntables, and a Pioneer DJM 600 mixer, along with the case that they are in.  I’m trying to sell all these together.  I may eventually sell separate if needed.

The 1210 m3d tables are the black ones.  They are the euro versions so they have the euro plug (that’s why I included the pic of the 2 prong plug above.  I’ve got the adapters on the tables so they can be used on standard American outlets.  The motors on the turntables are going very strong and Ive never had a problem with them.  Here’s the problems with the turntables.  One of them has a dented on/off switch.  The switch works just fione, its just more difficult to use.  One of the tonearms will need replaced, it is bent.  The other tonearm could use a replacement, it just has a loose connection to the cartridge (needle).  It will usually work fine with some fanagling if you don’t want to change it.  It will cost you about $100 or so per tonearm to replace.  The parts are cheap, maybe $40 or so.  It’s the labour that shops charge, so if you are handy you can do this yourself.

The mixer is well used.  It’s missing some knobs and fader tabs.  All the functions work just fine.  You can buy a knob pack online to replace these quite cheap.  Or pull em off an old mixer like I’ve done in the past.  All the functions can be used using the posts the knobs sit on, so its up to you if they actually need replaced.  Many people have done many shows on this mixer as is.  This mixer is and has been reliable for years, but it does have the miles on it.

And finally the case.  It’s just a standard large DJ case that holds both tables along with the mixer.  It has a pocket on the end for headphones and cartridge case, or to stack records while playing..  Its in good shape and will last forever.  It has handles on both ends for carrying, and wheels on one end to rol it around.  The full rig is quite heavy, so the wheels come in handy.

I will also include my cartridges.  They are a pair of ortofon DJ s cartridges.  They both work fine, but the tips are pretty high mile and could probably stand to be replaced.

I’ve looked around online, and full DJ rigs are still going for 750-900 bucks with lesser mixers, older model techs, and no case.  But considering the fact that this gear needs some work, I’ll start my asking price at $600 (with delivery in the local area!).

Finally, I will be selling off my vinyl collection.  I’ve got a bagfull of Drum and Bass, and a Bag of Tech House and related vinyl.  Contact me for more info, I’ll get a full count of my vinyl available.  I’d like to sell the records as a lot, or split by genre.  I’ll consider breaking up the vinyl if I don’t have any takers.  Price is very negotiable.  Each genre comes with its own bag, how convenient.

Like I stated in the description, this equipment nees some TLC.  Its not ready to use, you’ll need at least one tonearm replacement to get started.

All prices listed here are open to negotiation!  I’ll sell to best offer.  If you need this equipment shipped, you will have to pay for shipping.

I hope someone can find a use for my gear.  I’ll miss it.