[nggallery id=14]Well, next up on the chopping block is another of my favourites.  I’m selling off my intelligent scanning Laserscan and a DMX controller.  I’ve loved these items for years, and kept great care of them.  Actually I just used the laser in stand alone mode, the controller is unused.  I just never had the time to learn about DMX controlling.  And the controller I got was actually made to control many lights.  Knowing me if I started learning I would have wanted to wire the whole house.  The laser originally listed at $1299.99 and now goes for about $579 most places online.  The controller was $329 and still seems to list about $129.  I’m gonna start my asking price at $300.  As always, my prices are very negotiable, especially for friends.  If you know any club owners, you may want to point this item out to them.  The only thing needed is a cable to connect them.  Click continue reading for detailed specs.

Chauvet Lazer Scan

The Lazer Scan™ is a 4-channel , 4.9mW DMX-512 scanning green laser.
It features 24 selectable 2D and 24 selectable 3D patterns.
The unit includes built-in beat activated programs and will automatically enter stand-alone mode if no DMX signal is present.
Units are linkable via Master/Slave mode.


* 4 Channel DMX 512 scanning Laser
* Pan: 180° in .5 sec / tilt: 90° in .3 sec
* 4.9mW green laser
* FDA Approved
* Selectable functions 24 3d geometric functions
* Selectable functions 24 2d geometric functions
* Micro-Stepping Motors
* Built in beat activated programs
* Automatically enters stand alone with no DMX
* Linkable via master /slave

* Fan cooled

* Laser Sky effects
* Sleek design
Surface-coated mirror for optimum luminosity
Microstepping motors
Built in beat-activated programs (stand alone)
Automatically enters stand alone when no DMX signal is present
Linkable via Master / Slave
Programmable via any universal DMX controller

Fan cooled
Size: 18in x 4in x 5.5in
Weight: 8lbs
Power: Switchable 110v / 230v
Bulb: Green 4.9mW laser diode

Chauvet DMX 40A Controller

#  Universal DMX -512 controller
# Controls up to 12, 16-channel intelligent lights
# 30 banks of 8 scenes, 240 scenes in total
# 192 DMX channels of control
# Beat-activation, tap sync, auto run
# 6 sets of chases containing 240 scenes
# MIDI compatible
# Grab any fixture on the fly
# Polarity selector
# 3-space 19” rack mount
# Power: DC 9-12 500mA, 90V-24V
# Weight: 6lbs (2.7kgs)
# Size: 19in x 5.25in x 3in
483mm x 133mm x 76m