I think the worst part about Zwift is all the complaining. Like all of it. Like every ride for a half a decade. Just shut the fuck up people! The fence is a dumbass idea. The ‘flyers’ are doing their own thing, have you never been on a group ride in real life? Do all 500 people ride together? Fuck no they do not. Let them go – give a couple commands for new riders so they know who the leader is and they can do what they want. People join different rides for different reasons. Let it go man!

Also, you can’t bitch about 2/3 of the group taking off, then brag about the number of riders in the ride, all at the same time!!

Shut up and ride.

Now, here’s some techno! Deborah DeLuca; I haven’t really been into higher tempo techno in a bit… but I thought this was really good. Definitely kept me pushing for a bit.