An old pair of my bibs are starting to get a little threadbare, so I decided it was time to add another pair to my stash. I did a bit of research around the Google machine, looking for the best rated bibs for endurance cycling and the Velocis showed up on several lists. I picked mine up from Trek Bicycle Superstore at a decent deal with a 20% coupon I found. I got the black set since I think my only other options were unripe tomato orange and toothpaste green.

Shipping was speedy, I had them in a few days. I had a Zwift ride to do last night, so I opened them up immediately. I liked what I saw, the fabric was quality, they looked nice, the chamois seemed promising. So, from the unpacking standpoint, I liked everything about them.

Now, a bit of a disclaimer here… I’m getting to be less of a FGOB. All my previous articles I’ve written as a 5’9″ guy weighing around 240 pounds. My height has not changed recently, luckily; however, I am now down around 210 pounds. I hope to retire the FGOB acronym entirely at some point soon, but anyway, just know that I’m lighter and closer to a 38″ waist than the 40/42 I was rocking. I do have larger than normal thighs due to a past that revolved heavily around rowing and other heavy legs sports, so my experience might be a bit different.

Now the fit. I tossed these mofos on and there was definitely the sound of seams popping. I was a little rough with the bibs and I don’t know if I caused any damage, we shall see soon. I think these are meant to be compression, so keep that in mind. They do offer 2X if you are bigger than I am, I bought mine in XL. I imagine if you are careful when putting these on brand new, you won’t have to worry so much. I’m sure they’ll stretch after a few wears as all my other bibs did. I was able to get the bibs on. The 2 areas of concern to me are the leg bands… quite tight, and there is a seam across the belly which doesn’t flex as much as the rest of the bibs. It’s not too tight, but it’s close. Again, I imagine with a bit of wear that will stretch a bit. So, overall, I’m happy with the fit. But if you are any bigger than I am, you’ll want to size up.

I don’t have any road experience with them yet, but I pulled an hour session on the trainer last night. I like these bibs. The straps are pretty freakin’ cool. Just flat fabric with no seams. I like that. The chamois is fairly minimal for a FGOB but I think it’ll work outdoors, it was fine on the trainer. Overall, I’m impressed with these bibs, they are on par with my Assos I think. I’ll have to provide an update after some time, but I’m optimistic about these bibs and I’d recommend giving them a try!