If You have partied at my house for any length of time, you will know all about my addiction to the Food Network. Anyway, I was watching a show about hot foods, and they highlighted the Blair’s Products at Extremefoods.com. So I bit, and placed an order. I really like hot foods, here’s what I grabbed.

Now This here is what they call their 3am reserve. I’ve already got a decent collection of half full hot sauces with all sorts of colourful names in my fridge. It takes forever to go through some bottles. But this bottle actually scares the piss outta me. I mean look at how they package this shit. This is what they have to say about the stuff. “LIMITED TIME—-NOW MAKE IT PERSONAL DIRECT FROM BLAIR——WOW! 1,500,000-2,000,000 scoville units! 3 a.m. Reserve takes our classic 2 a.m. one step further. Gift display box is included like all of our reserve bottles. FEEL ALIVE!” OK now, just for comparison, most habaneros will rate between 200,000 and 300,000 Scoville units according to wikipedia. This sauce has gotta be hot. I been too chicken to touch the shit yet. Anyone wanna try it with me? lol

And then we ordered the chip sampler pack. This doesn’t need much explanation. I like hot, these are hot chips. What ya need to know? They just looked tasty. I may share these chips, but not until you try the sauce!!!