In my slacking, I never put up a fundraising link for my Davis Phinney Foundation for Parkinson’s fundraising page. Well, here it is. If this is a cause that interests you, I would appreciate your donations to the foundation! Every year I ride the Tour of Sufferlandria. This year I’m doing it a bit different and live streaming myself. That’s pure stupidity on my end, to be honest. I have a couple of cameras configured and every time I start to slack a little, I look at those cameras and think someone might be watching me. Then I push harder. I’m going to kill myself doing that – there is no way to avoid it! But, if that’s what must be done, then so be it!

You can see my post about the live stream here. Or, you can just jump right over to my YouTube live stream to see if I’m live. Generally on weeknights, I start the ride around 5:30pm. On the weekends, it’s around noon.

If I’m not live, you can recap my previous rides to comment and cajole by looking for my past videos in my stream here. The recordings tend to go live about an hour after I complete each stage.

Here’s a pic of the screen layout… a couple different angles to watch me suffer from. The sound is shit, I haven’t got the right equipment for it. I’ll keep trying to mess with the settings to see if I get it any better but don’t hold your breath!