What’s this? Two different mixes from two different Voodoo Empire artists in two days? You all must have been very well behaved lately – and this is your reward! Yesterday we enjoyed a UK Garage mix from DJ Hydroxide, today we switch things up and get you some delicious summertime minimal grooviness from DJ Odawa. You can always see what Odawa is up to over on his website, but for now, we have this tasty mix for you – enjoy! Trackllist follows.

1. As The Day Breaks – Carmen Rizzo
2. Nickletoe – Super Flu
3. What I Might Do (Original) – Ben Pearce
4. Up To You (If You Love Me) – Cloudy Busey
5. Strahlemann (Original) – Christian Schwarz
6. Don’t Do That (Original) – Kai Hillmann
7. Mick The Freak (Mick Thammer Full Version) – Gerald Peklar
8. Right On, Right On (Hatikvah Remix) – Silicone Soul
9. Tiger (Roland M. Dill Remix) – Johnny D
10. Weekend (Original) – Adam Port
11. Burning Sands (Lee Jones Remix) – Silicone Soul
12. Midnite Man (Tim Paris Remix)
13. Shake It (Mangomint Remix) – Ben Delay & Till West
14. The FunKing (JUST2 Remix) – Fer BR