I admit it, I haven’t been posting nearly enough music on here! Especially lacking is the quality music that comes out of The Voodoo Empire. Well, let’s fix that, Cyrus recently posted a mix up on his own site, djodawa.com. I thought it best to cross-pollinate a little and get some fresh earholes all up on this mix. I can attest to the fact that I have driven home several times to this mix and it’s solid! Today is a great day for just that, the weather is warm, roll your windows down and turn this mix way up!

1. Hidden Treasure (Patrick Zigon Dub) – Echonomist
2. Too Much Stress – Denis Filipovic
3. 300 (Original) – Vlada Asanin & D.F.K.
4. Chupacabra (Original) – Doublewave
5. No Rhyme No Reason – LTJ Experience
6. We Got To (Miguel Bastida Mix) – Zenbi
7. Mantra (Original) – Mike Ivy, Nimo Lero
8. Mulato (Original) – Olivier Giacomotto
9. Perfect Bash (Extended Version) – Kaiserdisco
10. Aetas (Del Horno & Danny Boy Remix) – Aldwin Macapagal
11. JFK (Ich bin ein Berliner) (Original) – Groovebox, Jay Mocio
12. Jack & Diet (Original) – Luca M, JUST2
13. Lip Deep (Ralph Good Remix) – Jason Chance
14. Mondo – DJ Wady & Juanmy.R
15. Venus – Andy Rojas