You would think it was still Christmas wouldn’t ya? What, with all the dope mixes flying out of here lately! Here’s a fine slice of Drum and Bass coming at ya from a great friend of The Voodoo Empire, DJ Goodwill. As he describes it: a little something to get you steppin into the new year. Might be a little dark for some, but this is the vibe I’ve been on for a while now. (Not intended for listeners with attention deficit disorder. Drum and Bass is not disposable music.) Tracklist Follows:

01. Transition – Survival/Octane/DLR
02. Retaliation – Stealth/Cold Fusion
03. Oden – Consequence
04. Whispers Of Scandal- Pessimist
05. Gas Heads – Pessimist
06. Kyoto – Overlook
07. Reverible Top – D Bridge
08. Myriad – Fierce/Survival
09. Blue Eyes – Skeptical
10. Deliberate – Vicious Circle/Jubei
11. I Need You – Detail
12. Possessive – Foreign Concept
13. The Rift – Kasra/Jubei
14. Cemetery – Foreign Concept/Bringa
15. Settle The Score – Dakosa/Anile
16. Tudor Rose – Dillinja