For those of you who are regulars around The Voodoo Empire, you are already familiar with DJ Daddy. We try to feature him here on this site with some regularity. He has a brand new offering that you are going to want to check out. I’m talking about the DJ Daddy Studio Sessions featured on UStream. He’s going to start you off on December 16 with the first live event for you to tune in to. We’re talking quality live DJ sets mixed right in front of your eyeballs. Now what if you don’t want to wait until the 16th? You can tune in now! Just because something live isn’t happening, he won’t leave you stranded – there’s video and music waiting for you over there right now, and there will always be something there for you!

DJ Daddy has monthly events lining up on the Studio Sessions, you’ll be able to tune in and see what he has to offer. He has plans to include guest DJs as well. I recommend you check the site frequently to see what plans are in the works. The music is always amazing, but here you get your chance to take a peek behind the scenes ad watch the music happen. Your eyes and your ears can be friends and have some fun together. It’s nice to pay attention to multiple senses sometimes!

Head over to the site now and see whats waiting for you. Don’t forget to check back regularly to see what is coming up, and check in to see what’s new for you to enjoy! I think this is a very cool musical offering – DJ Daddy is trying to provide some cool entertainment, and even some opportunity. Check that link to see how you can get involved, he’s looking to involve other artists and this might be a great chance for you!