We recently began posting stats charts for our local mixes so that our users can see what kind of Voodoo Empire bump they get from letting me post their mixes up here. DJ Daddy’s Club Bangers mix was posted up on January 20th, so it’s been running for exactly a month. The stats look pretty decent, by lunch time today, this mix will break 200 downloads. A majority of those downloads are coming through iTunes at 121. Less than a quarter of the downloads (42) are coming through the USA… so DJ Daddy is getting some pretty wide distribution! We see 26 out of the UK, 9 in Canada, and we can’t forget about his Kenya contingent (5)! So while the Voodoo Empire may not pull huge numbers, that’s an extra 200 worldwide folks grabbing on to some new music for them!

As always, I like to focus on local music as much as possible. But we are always available to host any quality mix! All you gotta do is get in touch, we’ll get your music to the people!