I bet you thought The Voodoo Empire was afraid to get evil! Maybe you don’t know it … The Voodoo Empire has its grubby roots on the dark side! And one of our earliest influences on the evil ways of music was the one – DJ DarksChoir. That being said, might I recommend you put your ears directly on this mix??

Track List

By Electric Breathing

Hard Bass Hard Soundz
By X-Rx

World Of Fantasy
By C-Lekktor Remix

Wheels In Motion
By Grendel Remix

Son Of Satan
By God Destruction

By Cygnosic-Remix

Floor Whore Disko
By Caustic Remix

Nightmare On Dubstreet
By Die Sektor Remix

Mutual Forms Of Bleeding
By Freakangel

Fornicacion Mental
By Ansinaptico

Clubbers Die Younger
By Alien Vampires

In Nomine Dei Nostri Satanis
By God Destruction

Themes Of Carnal Empowerment
By E.S.A Remix

The Final Electro Solution
By Die Sektor

Slayer Lamb Of God Dubstep Mashup
By Excision&Andy’s Ill

Save Dat Mermaid
By The Gothsicles Remix

Lift Black Wings
By Angelempire