Well, looks like I’m kind of throwing in the towel at the end of the year here. I’m sick and can’t manage to ride, so I’ll post up my year stats now. It looks like this year, I managed to ride 3,321.6 miles, pedaling just over 197 hours (dude, that’s 8.2 days of pedaling), and burning 206,540 calories! Now, I take that calorie figure with a grain of salt, it seems incredibly high. I should have probably lost a decent amount of weight over the year, but you know…. beer.

My goal for the year was to ride 2500 miles. So yeah, got that! I have to set a new goal for myself for next year now. 3500 miles maybe? I think 4000 might be really hard to get to in a year. Maybe 3750? Regardless what goal I set, 2015 should be a pretty stellar year for cycling. I’m looking at doing at least one organized century ride every month. We’re looking at upping our annual big ride too. 2 years ago, my co-workers did a century together. Last year, we did the 200 mile ride. That’s about as far as you can go during daylight. We’re thinking we might do 300 this year, broken up into two 150 mile rides over 2 days.

How about you folks? What kind of goals are you setting for yourself for 2015? Goals like getting in shape generally don’t fair well, let’s go with something concrete. Set a specific goal and tell me about it!