I’ve started shopping around for a new bike which I intend to pick up in the next month so I am ready when the roads are. Modern bikes are insane, the feel and weight of them blow my mind. Of course, that’s not hard to do! Take a look at what I’ve been riding up until now.

This is an Iron Horse Maverick 1.2 mountain bike I picked up on clearance at Dick’s for around $250. At the time, I thought this was the coolest bike ever. It’s not bad for light trails and it’s great for cruising, but I was riding this thing for over 5 hours at a time and it was killing me! The bike is big, heavy, slow, and has terrible geometry for long rides on the street.

She has served me well the past couple of years, I’ve easily put over 3000 miles on her – 750 or so of those were on  the original knobby dirt tires. Heck, 1000 of those miles the rear derailleur was busted and I couldn’t shift reliably into specific gears. I think I’ll put the dirt tires back on her, get a new derailleur, and retire her to weekend cruises with my wife.

On to better things, it’s time for a new bike. I’m having a heck of a time picking one. I’ll be posting my thoughts and options over the next week trying to think it all through!