This is another one of the reasons I got myself a more capable machine. Yesterday was about exploring the places I didn’t know about. This time, it’s about relaxing places I knew existed and missed. Back when I started cycling on an old box store MTB, I cruised the Towpath trail. Back then, I pushed as far as Napoleon on some rides – I believe my longest total on the heavy bike was 82 miles.

I didn’t do the whole thing this time, but I did the full section that stretches from Waterville to Grand Rapids (and back). There’s slight deviations I took in each direction, and the scenery looks different too. There was a lot of beautiful and surprising scenery!

Again, I’d recommend you kill the sound and just relax with the scenery. Although, it isn’t nearly as bad this time, there was much less wind.

Towpath Out and Back Video

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