We spent this past weekend in Pennsylvania at the Dana Linn Bailey Warhouse Gym Camp. The experience was amazing and we will post more about that very soon. But I had to share this quick video I have up on youtube. You can’t plan for everything, right? We had our plans down to every little detail, or so we thought. But I tell you what, we never did plan for our hotel to end up flooded! The water main split and dumped thousands of gallons of water throughout the whole hotel at 7am. We had to get to the gym so we grabbed everything from the room, threw it in the car and took off! We dealt with the rest of it after the camp. The folks at the Homewood Suites in Reading, PA were very helpful to us. Nobody is ready for situations like this but they got everyone in the hotel relocated safely. I’m happy with the actions they took, everything happened very quickly and we were able to get through the weekend just fine!