So we already discussed how much I dig ICS on my Epic 4G. And I’ve already covered how cool Tasker is on my phone too. Well, I’ve found another cool addition. So, the main problem with running ICS on the Epic 4G, is that it is made for a phone with more memory. There’s no way to add memory to the phone of course, so it’s set up to do a lot of memory swapping, etc. This uses up some more battery. Under normal usage, it isn’t so bad. But when I’m at work, I’m not in cell phone range. But, I am in wi-fi range. My battery gets really chewed up trying to find a network.

Well, here’s the deal. Better Locale Airplane Mode is a nifty plugin for Tasker that I found. See, on the Epic 4G, access to the cell radio is blocked on the phone. I can’t use Tasker directly to shut down the cell radio from scanning. But the Better Locale Airplane Mode plugin allows me to modify what radios airplane mode affects. So I’m able to configure it to turn off cell radio, bluetooth, or wi-fi, or any combination. So now, when my phone connects to my work wi-fi, it goes into a modified airplane mode, turning off only the cell radio. This leaves me with only wi-fi on, and saves me a bunch of juice. How cool is that?