Well, Rev. Voodoo has a brand new new Voodoo Forums setup, and is considering a full launch of it.  It can be found here.  Or just by clicking the word forums up in the text navbar on every page.  It’s tightly integrated with this site which is kind cool.  Thing is, if I do the switch, the old users and posts won’t be here.  This forum will be a brand new start.  I think my database over at the old forums might be corrupt…if that is the case, it’ll pretty much force my hand and I’ll close the old forum and open the new one.  Check them both out…see what ya think.  (Note, the old forum doesn’t have our custom Voodoo Empire theme on it at the moment, I’m having a hard time with admin functions).  If you feel like posting in our forums, go ahead and use the new forum…..