Yesterday I posted up about the two alloy framed bikes I’d been considering. So I figured today I’d post the lower level (more affordable) composite bikes that I’ve been considering. The first one comes from Giant – the Defy Composite 3. This bike gets me to having composite frame and forks which seems to be real forgiving on roads. I’ve been able to test the bike a little bit, but I’m not going to get the chance to take it for 50 or so miles before I make my decision. I don’t know just how much benefit this brings and is it worth it?

The Composite 3 gets me an entry level composite frame, definitely not their best. I won’t be able to afford the best. This contender also runs with the Tiagra components. I’ve heard these are OK, but most people seem to think that trying to get up to the 105 components is worth it. What do you think? This is at the top end of my comfortable price range, so moving up from here, I’d need to save a while longer. Is it OK to hit up an entry level composite? Is alloy with better components good? Should I try to save for the composite with the 105 components?