So I’ve posted up four possible bikes so far. I had the two alloy bikes and of those I’m leaning towards the Giant Defy 1 because I like the component set best. If I’m going to settle on frame, I want the better components. Then I posted 2 composite bikes which are quite comparable. I’m torn on those, I like the internal cable routing of the Specialized, but the Giant has Tiagra components and the Specialized has Sora. I’ve heard better things about Tiagra.

Looking at the next level of bikes here, I have the Giant Defy Composite 2. We talked about the Composite 3 yesterday, the Composite 2 is the same base bike, with the upgrade on components to the Shimano 105. This price range is a bit past what I had wanted to pay so that’s what I’m trying to think about. I plan on putting a lot of miles on the bike, at least 3000 this season. Is it going to be worth it to me to keep saving and get a composite frame with the 105 set? How much difference is there really?

As always, I’m open to input!